David Schaf Interiors - Residential & Commercial Interior Design - Monmouth County NJ

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Whether it’s needing guidance choosing paint colors, new accessories, making selections for a new kitchen or bath, a single-room


renovation, or a new-construction residential or commercial project, DSI will guide you throughout the process. 



Some of our services are... 



Space Plans & Furniture Selection - Take the guesswork out


of how existing and/or new furniture will function.



Project Budgeting - Help determine the appropriate budgetary


needs for your project.



Millwork and Furniture Design - Custom designed pieces   


tailored to your exact needs.


Plan Review - Analyze builder's and architect's plans to ensure


they meet your needs in both design and function.



Architectural Details - Add moulding and trim to plain walls,


windows, and doors for a custom look.



New Construction Finish Selection - Guide you through every step


of the decision making process.



Window Treatments - Custom designed or prefabricated


treatments to enhance the overall look of your space.



ADA Compliance - Ensure space is accessible for those with 





Artwork & Accessory Selection - Well thought-out pieces to


complete your space and add a personal touch.


Move-in Day Furniture Coordination - Placement of existing 


and new furniture, accessories, artwork, and lighting.


Lighting - Selection of both decorative and architectural


lighting to effectively set the mood of your space.



Real Estate Staging - Suggest needed repairs, placement of 


furniture, paint, lighting, and clutter elimination.



Flooring Selection - Hardwood, stone, ceramic tile, wall-to-wall


carpet, and area rugs.